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Tinted windows in NYC

Tinted Windows NYC

See clearly is a safety issue! If you decide to tinted windows of your car in New-york, you must comply with certain rules:

No matter to darken only be applied or sprayed on the windshield. A band of not more than 15 cm in width, however, can be placed on the upper part of the windscreen;
The side windows on each side of the cockpit must allow light to pass 70% or more when measured with a photometer.

Remember that one must distinguish the interior of the vehicle and its occupants. A tinted glass too:

reduces the field of vision;
affects the perception of contrasts;
affects the night vision of the driver.

The rear side windows and rear window are not subject to this standard.

Tickets *
If the front side windows of your car leaving less than 70% of the light, you are fined. Here are two examples:

Example 1
A police officer pulls over your vehicle and takes a photometric reading the front side windows. The windows let in less than 70% of light. He gives you a ticket. Tickets varies as follows:
Driver AND owner of a passenger vehicle: $ 154 to $ 274
Driver of a heavy vehicle: 125 to $ 344
Owner of a heavy vehicle: 249 to $ 525
Example 2
A police officer pulls over your car and give you an audit notice from the front side windows of your car forcing you to go to a mechanical inspection agent appointed by the Company. Do not perform the audit makes you liable to a ticket of $438 to $ 865. If the agent says that the windows do not comply, it shall give a notice requiring the owner or operator to perform or have performed the necessary changes within 48 hours. The agent will verify the compliance of new windows after this period. If corrections are not made within the time required, the car can not be recirculated. If you travel always with the vehicle, you could:
receive a ticket that makes you liable of $ 154 to $ 274 per defect;
be forced to store your car at your expense until a photometric inspection certifies that the windows of your vehicle are compliant.

* These amounts are subject to change, include a fine under the Highway Safety Code, the court fees (other fees may apply).

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