Tint Quality Charter: the worries of window tinting excellence

Insulation (heat energy savings money), protection (window tinting), confidentiality, decoration (tinted windoiws)…

Tint network meets important issues affecting the car and construction industries.
Clearly positioned on the high end in terms of services as products, Tint network worshop has become, over the years, a brand known and recognized by the general public as a major installer tinted windows, protective films (car jacking, glass breakage, window tinting), sun protection, confidentiality…

Tint network is committed through a quality charter shared by all centers offer a service and flawless installation.

Once installed on your windows movie by our technicians, Tint.net workshop is committed to restore your car in perfect condition. Respect for your vehicle and cleanliness are important to Tint network.

Similarly, during the processing of your windows, bay windows and other architectural, we agrees that once the film made, the place of installation is cleaned.

The care of finishing makes our network the reference of glazing treatments in United States of America.

Tinted films are cut “tailored” according to the shape, size and curvature of your windows.

Tint network agrees that no dust or air bubbles* no slip between the film and the glass. Anything unusual should be trapped between the film and glass (fly, mosquito, hair, dog hair …). The solar films were dried on glass to heat gun or infrared gun to avoid any visible irregularities: no visible crease is allowed during installation.

Car window tinting of a BMW 3 Series with 20% in the sides and 5% in the rear glasses

Car window tinting of a BMW 3 Series

Other benefits include protection for passengers in the rear, and protection from UV rays (which have some harmful effects). It also protects against cooling, increases greater privacy, and reduces chance of theft (because valuables are less visible). It reduces glare and reflection, and increases protection. Window tinted film is also considered more effective and practical than stick-on blinds.

* Note: small water bubbles or milky traces may appear immediately after the installation of a movie fade and disappear within a week.

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