Sun protection film serving your health

The World Health Organization warning of the health effects associated…
February 18, 2013/by ODiam Group

Photovoltaic Solar Films: storing electricity from our windows !

A transparent and flexible battery

There are already glazing…
January 31, 2013/by ODiam Group

Tint Quality Charter: the worries of window tinting excellence

Insulation (heat energy savings money), protection (window tinting),…
January 29, 2013/by ODiam Group

Tinted windows in NYC

Tinted Windows NYC

See clearly is a safety issue! If you decide…
December 7, 2012/by ODiam Group

Windows tint law in Florida

These lines should allow you to see more clearly.

December 7, 2012/by ODiam Group


1977 Commerce Dr, Bridgeport
CT 0660523 - USA
December 6, 2012/by ODiam Group

Electroluminescent window tinting

Prepare to be dazzled!
Imagine a light you might fold around…
November 27, 2012/by ODiam Group


Be Affiliated to ODiam group can simultaneously adhere to the…

Professional window tint dealer

You are a car dealer,car trader or lessor other types of vehicles…
November 22, 2012/by ODiam Group

Russian tinted windows legislation is modeled on the U.S. traffic security

Russian police declared war to tinted windows, very popular in…
November 21, 2012/by ODiam Group

Fiat 500 tinted at New-York City

It took a long time to start. But now, this is it! The Fiat 500…
October 11, 2012/by ODiam Group

The first Aventador ever tint is from New York City

Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador is the heiress of Miura, Countach,…
July 25, 2012/by ODiam Group