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Windows tint law in Florida

These lines should allow you to see more clearly.

Legislation miami dade says it is forbidden to stick adhesive film on the front windows side if they distort or reduce visibility. The legislation on the tint of glazing that refer to this prohibition are:

-Every driver must keep constantly in a state and in a position to execute promptly and conveniently, all maneuvers required of him. In particular, its possibilities of movement and field of vision must not be reduced by the application of non-transparent objects on the windows.

-All vehicles must provide a field of view of the driver, forward, right and left, which is sufficient for the latter can drive safely.

– All windows, including windscreen must be substantially transparent. As a result, in general, this is not recommended since it may have an adverse effect on the optical glazing purposes. However, if the vehicle has two mirrors, a darkening of the rear window and rear side windows (obtained by gluing or any other method) to protect from the sun occupants of the rear seats is not permitted. Moreover, it should be noted that no text in Miami dade, at the Highway Code, prohibits the use of formally films on glass. They are allowed to leave when they are not applied to the windshield. (Tolerated)

Replicate as an agent of law enforcement that would appeal to me as a result of interpretation of the windows tint law in Florida ?
Some police verbalize indicating that the bonding is not allowed. Other agents believe that it interferes with the driver’s visibility. While it is true darkening (depending on reference), the filters shall not affect the colors or the shapes of objects seen through the windows so equipped. In this case, however banning the wearing of sunglasses! In fact, what makes some representatives of the constabulary refractory tinted windows, this is not seen in the cockpit and no longer see, for example, not wearing seat belts or radar detectors …
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