Sun protection film serving your health

The World Health Organization warning of the health effects associated to the sun.

UV rays stimulate the production of vitamin D Cholecalciferol in the body and we need it. But excessive exposure can damage the skin and eyes. UV rays attack and damage the DNA in our cells. Our body, most of the time, is able to repair the damage. But this capability is not eternal.

For various reasons (genetics, etc..), Our body can no longer cope with attacks and problems arise. The severity of the effects depends on the wavelength of the radiation intensity and the duration of exposure.

UV sun protection (tinted windows / window treatment for your car, your home, sunscreen, wearing a hat, sun protection film…) is essential to maintain your health.

Dermatological effects


Sunburn is a burn of the epidermis of local extent and degree variables due to ultraviolet A and B (artificial as natural).
Premature skin aging is a result of sun overexposure. UVA is introduced into the skin and destroy collagen fibers.
Protect your skin against UV rays, whether a cream sunblock or sunscreen within the confines of your car by processing windows is essential for your daily health.


It results in a “super sunburn” may leave hyperpigmented spots. It occurs in any subject. It is linked to UV exposure associated with the consumption of drugs called photosensitizers. It is therefore important to check with a pharmacist to see if the medications you have been prescribed are photosensitizers. If they are, we must avoid UV exposure and use a UVA / UVB maximum.
Reactions are strictly localized to the exposed regions.
Photoallergy resulting in eczema or rash on areas exposed to UV as those who were not exposed.


There are two types of skin cancers induced by UVA and B carcinomas and melanomas.
Carcinomas are the most common (95% of all skin cancers).

In United States of America, more than 50,000 people per year are affected and almost all healed. However, the development of the disease can be prevented by a suitable sun protection within the confines of your car, in your home or simply avoiding prolonged exposure to certain hours of the day.

Ophthalmic effects

UV cause discomfort ranging from simple red eye disorders more serious retinal disease, inflammation, premature onset of cataracts. Sun protection film protect your skin and your eyes.


Keratitis is an inflammation of the cornea with pain and redness in the periphery of the eye. It causes temporary blindness. UV radiations are responsible but more often keratitis disappears in a few days, leaving no sequelae. Nevertheless, it is important to consult an ophthalmologist quickly.
Prevention, appropriate sun protection in your car, home or outdoors is recommended.


Cataract is currently one of the most common eye diseases in the world are treated by ophthalmologists. UVA were found responsible for cortical cataracts say that is to say, located at the periphery of the lens.
Cataract causes a clouding of the lens and symptoms such as loss of vision, fog, glare in bright light. Warning cataract inevitably leads to total blindness. It is therefore important to prevent the risk by a suitable sun protection or consult faster.

For more information, visit the center for disease control and prevention website.

Processing windows for people with diseases

Xeroderma pigmentosum (children of the moon) and PORPHYRIA
Diseases such as porphyria and Xeroderma pigmentosum cause total intolerance to sunlight (ultraviolet rays).
Tint network Treatments range UVA protect you: they reject up to 100% of ultraviolet rays.

Contact an expert near from you for personalized advice to equip your living space.

Are you exposed to magnetic wave antenna relay ?
The tint of glass (window tinting and sun protection films) protect you from electromagnetic waves antennas. Safety tint network treatments protect you 97% of electromagnetic waves rejected.

Contact an expert near from you for personalized advice to equip your living space.

Now you can ask sun control, UV protection, window tinting to your ODiam Center.

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  1. Derek Dewitt
    Derek Dewitt says:

    I had no idea there were so many dangers involved with UV damage. My wife and I have been thinking about tinting the windows in our car to keep it cooler, but who knew it had so many other health benefits too! We’ll have to look into this more if we end up getting our car windows tinted.

  2. Jocelyn McDonald
    Jocelyn McDonald says:

    The sun always seems to give me a headache when I’m driving, and I’m considering getting my windows tinted to avoid this issue. Your article had some great points about the benefits of car window tinting, and I liked how you said UV rays can cause ophthalmic effects ranging from red eye disorders more serious retinal disease, inflammation, premature onset of cataracts. I can avoid these disorders by simply getting my windows tinted, so I’ll be sure to keep your advice in mind when considering if this product is right for me.

  3. Eli Richardson
    Eli Richardson says:

    It’s great that you talked about tinted windows and how they protect your skin’s health. Recently, my sister moved into another house, and she just realized how the sun shines directly on it. My sister’s worried about her family’s well-being and her furniture too, so I’ll share this article with her. Thanks for the advice on how to protect your home from the sun’s rays.


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