Dwayane Wade tint car collection

Dwayne Wade’s Maclaren window tinting

1. East Coast Tint Style

ferrari from collection to first

A Ferrari California ready for a support technician.

Most vehicles in Coral Gables, Coconut Grove and Sobe are upscale models like Porsche, BMW or Saleen. These cars are worth a minimum of $50,000 and come from pre-owners certified as The Collection. It is unthinkable for them to treat the NBA Champs Dwayne Wade’s Maclaren  the same way they will treat a fleet of company vehicles.

The most selected films in the facility are 3M Ceramic, Suntek Color stable and Llumar Lifetime warranty. Chrystalline 3M is not an absolute solution and sometimes it is interesting to check athermal roll competitors which have reasonable price for equivalent quality. 3M sometimes tend to take advantage of their leadership to inflate the margins at the expense of the workshops.

It is often believed that tinted windows are simple to install because it is somewhat not expensive. For a workshop to obtain the most perfect result, while exercising is profession the technician must choose wisely his film, tools, location, facilities and procedures.

1.2 The first step is to get rid car of all dust, mud, gravel, spot whatever. This is what we call “vehicle check list”. To do this a window cleaning from inside the car and body cleaning as:
– Glass: A spray containing alcohol removes the glass from all paraffins and a damp microfiber traps dust without leaving superficial fibers after use.
– Interior Aspirator is spent on carpets. Plastics are  just washed briefly. The reason is that we do not want product hydrophobic inside the windows before installing. Indeed, they definitely slow down the drying of glass by creating micelles or water bubbles.
– Body: It is cleaned by hand with a soft microfiber and 100% natural house spray  with a heavy duty cleaner and a protective wax long term.

First step hand cleaning before Tint

In Florida, a high-end vehicle requires special attention. This is not an option.

1.3 When the glass clean with film outside the car, the adhesive surface towards us, we must take place either in the film fiber to facilitate thermoforming. For a side door, the sharp portion is willing to right half of the exterior glass rubber. This line is the template base to form. It remains to define the remaining 4 slices.

Lamborghini tint east coast

In New-York, the finest cars always have body protections

1.4 With a razor blade stainless steel (limit scratching of glasses), it should cut the vertical slice on the right amount (except for cars convertible). It will seal along the entire length and finishing angles on a cutting table thereafter. Once cut, it is necessary to move without the take off of the glass, to the right to cover the vertical door seal. The aim is to compensate the surface film devoted to covering the glass inside joints. We will proceed the same way to cut the vertical line of mirror. Then, slide the template to the left, until mid travels. It is useful at this time to fix this by smoothing with water and a squeegee in its final position. By lowering the glass, it is possible to cut the 4th slice of the template, top of the window that follows and its watermark. The finishing of the corners will cut on a cutting table glass so as not to leave stigmata the passage of the blade on the glass.

1.5 After clearing the sides, you’ll have wet the surface outside of the glass then place the template in its final position but by elevating a few millimeters above the window shopping. We want this step by leaving the largest slice of barrier free as possible to perform the thermoforming of the glass that is to say, to force the film to take the concave shape of the support by the joint action of the stripper heat (heat-gun) and squeegee. To do this, it is usual to get down all the bubbles on this free slice by wetting the film on his window and passing squeegee describing an inverted U. Thus, all faults will be willing to go under the action of thermoforming. A glass free from all roughness is required in order not to waste time at the finish.

1.6 Template is ready. Cleaning preparations for the installation requires much attention. Exterior will be cleaned first to ensure that any dust is inside. Spray alcohol hydrophilic and razor are the main tools. The blade does not let any default even if you go anywhere in the rubbers. After a first passage, it is necessary to lower the glass of a ten centimeter in its working position. With a spray of soapy water carefully balanced, it must spray the glass inside from top to bottom and from left to trap a maximum residual impurity. Proceed in the same manner with a flexible squeegee. The operation is repeated twice. The seals are protected, so watering is essential especially in the tropical climate of south beach, Miami.

1.7 Template is usually placed on a table or on the side of the car. A vertical plane can limit exposure to ambient dust and the film is stably placed on the wet glass. Pealing the liner is removed until the middle of the horizontal template. The tinted film itself is presented in front of the glass, taking care to keep the sticky surface by nails or gloves and not touch anything other than the glass (structure, felt, trim). Also, take care not to exceed the film above the upper line of the glass always a concern in aseptic. Squeegee the film in its optimal location. A possible point of heated antagonists on two points ensures that the film does not slip from its position in window come back in his joint. It is unnecessary to heat the entire length as a case of problems, it will not be necessary to scrape all the glass and it is a valuable time saver.

Mercedes SLR tint window training

SLR is particularly uneasy to access because doors opening to the up

1.8 To remove the remaining protective liner, does the following:
– Lift the liner film + to wet the glass succinct.
– Holding the front of collage, remove the liner up to half of the film on one side then the other.
– Leave just enough to lift the film through a point liner still assistant to the latter.
– Perform the same type of cleaning “water curtain” by getting the highest bonding the front but without raising the portion already set or touch the glass
– Remove the liner and put it in the trash so as not to slide on accidentally.

1.9 The positioning under the window licks requires some skill to avoid creasing the film, or take the dust. We need a squeegee to get pointed in the joints, another apps to get rid of residual water between the film and the glass. A final squeegee hard but never scratch. To begin, it usually takes a corner that is going to present the end assigned to it free of all obstacles. We must return to the center continuing to lift the seal with the sharp squeegee while applying the film to progressively. Do not do the reverse that is to say, before applying the film to lift the seal or it will bend

Nissan GTR tinted

Tom Kovack performing tinted windows on a Nissan GTR from Manhattan.

1.10 Once in place, it is clear visible defects resulting from the installation of tinted windows as follows:
– Translucent bubbles: This is water.  Spatula by pressing heavily on the tool devoted to this purpose.
– Fold at the bonding zone: Appears in 90% of cases. A correct squeegee with a hard by heating from the outside.
– White Bubbles:

In the seal = glass capillary back. Soft squeegee. In the middle of the glass = Origin to process different in each case.
– White dots: dust, felt or paraffin. Most often linked to the skill of the technician and the technical difficulty of the setter. Easy to diminish but not completely by heating from the outside, then passing a squeegee hard inside.

2. Hand-cleaning post tinting

After installation of solar film , body was still dripping with soapy water. It is customary to clean the vehicle before returning it to the dealership or its owner.
In Miami, the most beautiful cars receive a treatment of the body by hand. In essence, a workshop on Coconut Grove literally makes a massage with cars. This unique technique is most effective because it can raise the temperature ideal waxing is facilitated in this way the renovation of the varnish. Thus, the body is bright much longer when the polisher will damage the painted one. Learn more about this hand-cleaning.

Hugo warnant French TV interview

See on TV ! The success of hand-cleaning explain by Hugo, owner of FirstClass Autosports and COLLECTION costumers.This passionate, interviewed by Chanel 6 man has developed many techniques that have become famous across Florida.

3. Car Window Tint Law from Keywest to Brooklyn

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