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Florida is, with the California coast, one of the greatest livable states with a mild climate. In Miami, when the coast is cloudy in mid afternoon, mornings are often pleasant. It’s easy to understand why people take the time to live and why they appreciate drive some convertibles.

And not any convertibles American classics still number one. In the past 4 years, Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro represented 2 / 3 of convertible sales under the county.

Here, tinted windows are not an option but a functional necessity. Peoples, taxis and even police cars are equipped.

Indeed, it helps to reduce heat into the interior while preventing glare for drivers and passengers. At night, high quality tinted windows do not affect the visibility and reduces eye stress attributed by the front lights of other cars.

If you need to ask tinted windows in a workshop that you do not know, here are three tips to remember:
– Ask if there disassembly door: Except some specific cases, there should not have to do that. It’s for the doors and airbags protection.
– Insist on an American rolls provider, it limits the problems associated. Of course, installer must be experienced, regardless of its origins
– Beware of low prices and technicians without their own workshop. Even SSD with their place, often pay more.

Window tinting in South Miami of a Ferrari Gran Turismo

Car window tinting of a Ferrari California

To maintain the most beautiful cars in Miami, it takes a magician, a surgeon’s aesthetic details. He lives to Coconut Grove.

First Class Auto Sports

Hugo' reputation through Florida and Europe does wonders for cleaning, tinting and repairing cars.

The installation of tinted windows is a service done within 2 or 3 hours. All the degrees of opacification are represented but only the best quality of film is used for greater comfort near the american’cost.

What customers most appreciate after the complexion of their vehicle, it is the Hugo’ tips: a manual cleaning square centimeter per square centimeter, with a 100% natural cream worthy of the biggest cosmetics maker up $ 1500 for a pot of 200 milliliters

Solar protection window glass films

South Florida's largest installer of window film

Window films including solar, safety and security, privacy and decorative films for a broad array of clients

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