electroluminescente coche publicidad

Electroluminescent window tinting

Prepare to be dazzled!
Imagine a light you might fold around all  twisted surfaces. Imagine a lamp as thin as a credit card, which costs only a fraction of an LED, fiber optic, neon and fluorescent lighting systems. Imagine being able to use heat gun this light stickers under your tinted film…

Now, open your eyes

electroluminescent film

Electroluminescent windows tinting 5% brand

Tinted film have a filtering appreciated by the general public, their aesthetic qualities are also undeniable. The inclusion of markings electroluminescent meets the same expectations. The Goal is to provide nighttime visibility to a brand or logo without sticking adhesive on the vehicle body.

Thus, the logo is perfectly hidden beneath the tinted windows of the vehicle becomes visible action driver.

electroluminescent windows

Electroluminescent safety car

Window sticker takes place between tinted film and glass  without degradation or overheating. A power supply is required providing visibility greater than 300 meters in night time.

Installation technique is between tinted windows and wrapping. Immobilization of 4 hours is required for installation of electroluminescent tinted windows. A delivry car for example, be carried out in an afternoon.

For more information about electroluminescent windows tinting, contact electroluminescent network.

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