tinting windows car fleet

Professional window tint dealer

You are a car dealer,car trader or lessor other types of vehicles (vans, lorries, vehicle fleet …) and you want to equip some of your cars or vehicles tinted windows professional? If possible high quality and high performance?

Call ODiam Group, the only international group of solar film installation for safety and security glazing, interior and against glass breakage and carjacking.

Dealer, landlord or owner of a fleet of vehicles
As a professional car, you can not afford to let this important film installation service on new vehicle glass often at random. The installation of tinted film must include guarantees that only a large group like ours can provide. Insurance and after-sales service only international ODiam Group can provide.

Dealer or car hire, you only work with new or recent vehicles with low mileage so why risk a poor quality service, which damages your new car or new?

Film tinted installation in windows car does not require removal of the door or body parts, plastics or other. There is really no dismantling to ask tinted film. And moderate cost, customers will benefit from numerous advantages: carjacking protection, sun protection, intimacy improved security against discoloration leather, plastic and fabric interior, heat protection, reduced fuel consumption, energy saving ….

Sunscreen by installing tinted window film
In short, ask for a window tinting professional vehicle dealer by a large international group, is to provide its customers and fleet vehicle service warranty, professional service before and after sales of high quality. Both say right now: You will not be disappointed, and you will begin!

A fleet of vehicles, cars or utilities, professional or hire does not owe its success to a simple random services. If your business works, it is because you do not want to leave anything to chance. You know, and it is also perhaps because of this that you are reading this page.

So to complete your research and get a quote and free practice, call the Group ODiam.

Global specialist tinting of glass surfaces by laying tinting film, decorative, security or filtering ultraviolet and infrared ,ODiam group with more than 100 centers windows tint centers in the world, knows your issues and knows how to respond effectively and sustainably, unsurprisingly time.

NYC sedan tint solution


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