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Wrapping and solar protection

Many advantages can be provided by the treatment of your windows. Whether your desire, we can offer solutions adapted to your requests for your windows shop, every kind of windows every type of colors, with many benefits.

What are the benefits? How to choose the perfect solutions to respond at your essential needs? ODiam Group can help you to find the best solution (free estimate)!

Why would you choose our technology?

Total protection against trip and vandalism

Our special protection film allows fighting graffiti and stripes, avoiding the deterioration of your residential and windows. This simple process of covering (in different colors according to your desire) adds a solid layer to the surface that increases the resistance and decrease the cost of cleaning and renovation work. In case of stripes or graffiti, the simple replacement of the adhesive film suffices and the surface protected in this way, remains intact.

This protection is also a warranty of better security. To prevent the break-in of your windows at home, your windows shop, even for your car, this improved technology avoids the treated glass causes injuries and criminal acts. The installation of our films preserve of the explosion of windows in thousand pieces maintaining them with an efficient material increasing safety and security.

Solar protection, saving money and protect environment and equipment

First of all, the laying of solar protection film allows huge saving according energetic expenses and isolation. We use different type of film, especially with ceramic, that provide recognized isolation properties: filtering 98% of infrared, enhances the quality of refreshment by decreasing the entrance of heat during summer, but also creates an additional barrier against the cold during winter. So, if you use acclimatization or heating systems, it helps you to reduce energy consummation and thereby your energy costs.

Sunbeams are also a trouble for your personal comfort and your equipment. For your wealth and welfare protecting you from ultraviolet effects is important. For your equipment, the impact of prolonged exposure to sunlight causes damages too… Your properties, furniture, clothes or shoes in a windows shop, papers or painting in offices, as exposed could be discolored and deeply spoiled. The treatment of your surface permits to preserve your properties and equipments efficiently and longer.

Aesthetics and privacy

We can adapt our installations to your graphic standards. If you want to decorate your windows, residential, windows shop … we can make specific impressions of our film to fill in your wishes.

Tainting your windows in your office, at home, in your shop gives you comfort and privacy, protecting you of the attention of passers.

According to your requirements, we can adapt our solution, combining different properties of our layers, to your constraints (residential, windows, advertising, security, solar protection, tainted windows, chrome …), in line with your budget and type of surface. All range of our knowledge and products is serving your expectations.

Full service vehicle wraps company

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