Thermal insulation

For your house, apartment, shop, warehouse, office, professional warehouse … you can treat your windows for thermal insulation. Most of the time, the process is using polyester film, including for your car in order to protect glass and body.

Thermal insulation offered is related to the process and depends on the film type, properties and thickness of material used.

First of all, the laying of protection film, solar or security, allows in addition huge saving according energetic expenses and isolation. We use different type of film, especially with ceramic, that provide recognized isolation properties: filtering 98% of infrared, enhances the quality of refreshment by decreasing the entrance of heat during summer, but also creates an additional barrier against the cold during winter.

New criteria according environmental protection implies improving thermal insulation and reducing costs linked to energetic expenses. This process simple and cheap offers a good and ecologic compromise.

Thermal insulation for residential

Energy savings
Thermal insulation and solar protection helps for energy savings. This method is easy and quick to apply for a reasonable cost and can improve considerably energetic consummation. We use special material whose properties allow the reducing of heat and cold entrance, including solar filters. As the impact of external temperature is reduced, the efficiency of acclimatization and heating machine is increased and less electric energy is needed to maintain a cool or hot temperature in your residential. Solar protection is equally efficient in winter, with additional layer acting like a thermal shield against cold as well as sunbeam. Therefore, in every season, your energetic expenses are significantly reduced, with better comfort and environmental preservation.

How to use our technology in other cases
Most of the time, not reflecting films light colored or clear are used, in order to protect from the sight or solar impact. Home, office, everywhere you can protect your privacy and hide your properties, including protecting them from the negative effect of sun beams (Discoloration of furniture and clothing, degradation of foodstuffs, ultra violet penetration…). There are many choices of colors (to the lighter till the darker) that could provide different characteristics: solar protection, privacy, security … It depends on your constraints and expectations for your vehicle, residential, office, shop windows, or warehouse.

Window treatment

Treatment of windows (window tinting), in most of industrial zone, allows reducing usual costs: installation of blinds, energy expenses. Usually, some reflecting film can stop 80% of heat and offered the best efficiency for your acclimatization and heating system, with a better isolation. To be precise, impact of external temperature is almost neutral.

Our technology can be adapted to your special needs, also for your safety, with special use that prevent explosion of the glass in case of shock or fire (you can have more information in the article about windows security).

Adhesive rejects ultra violet light, providing protection against fading of curtains, carpets and valuable artefacts

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