Tinted windows for ship

ODiam Group offers high quality services and high technology materials guaranteed for life. We can perform all your expectations with a large range of products, colors, specificities, of our tainted windows.

Tinged window Yachts and Cruise ships

Subjected to the bad weather, scratches or shocks, solar beams and other different type of erosion, your yacht could resist better to the time impact using our technology. Indeed, more than esthetic the windows treatment of your ship, yacht, trawler, barge or quite other floating vehicle offers many positive advantages:
– Elimination of the dazzle by the sun or by the lighthouses
– Reduction of the internal heat until 66 %
– Reduction of ultraviolet rays crossing of 99 %
– Reduced use of the system of air conditioning
– Decline of the consumption of fuel and energy savings
– Improvement of the safety thanks to the reduction of the glass pieces during an impact
– Protection of the inside of your boat against the discoloration
– Conservation of the market value of your yacht
– Improvement of the visibility of the GPS, DVD screens and the other systems of control
– Greater privacy

Ship window tinting and solar protection

Boat solar protection and tinted window film on glasses

Reducing impact of external temperature, our film provides you large economy considering energy: better efficiency of air conditioning, heating system, Freon economy, fuel economy, and preserving the all system longer and the entire life cycle of your material.

Your privacy is equally preserved, for the person and your properties that can’t be seen from the outside. Security is indeed increased by the treatment of your windows that can’t be broken.

Boat window tinting and solar control and protect

Boat window tinting by 212 Motoring New York

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